Welcome to the new onlyteo.com site!

New and improved

I haven’t had a site running on onlyteo.com for a few years now. I have tried a few different blogging platforms, but most of them leave a lot to be desired. Especially when it comes to the maintenance and operational aspects of running the site.

This time around I have decided to keep it as simple as possible. I’m using Hugo, which is a simple static site generator that allows me to write content in MarkDown. The whole site with its contents is versioned in a GitHub repository. Upon committing changes to the site it is build using GitHub Actions and deployed to GitHub Pages. No database or other runtime components needed!

Which type of content

What contents can you expect to see here? It will for the most part be the musings of an old scruffy techie. Mainly it will be articles about technology, software development, technical architecture, software methodologies and other topics that tech geeks enjoy.

I’m not a prolific writer by any means. I write when a specific topic moves me. So expect new content at very random intervals at best.